The process of creating an antiqued glass mirror panel or tile is very much an artistic one; a variety of rooted techniques will be used to build up the right level of ‘foxing’ (aging) and achieve the exact look sought. For example, Mercury Sparkle is one of our lightest levels of antiquing, featuring fine speckles. It's designed to replicate the earliest stages of degradation seen in traditional mercury mirror plates. This technique recreates the look of vintage mirror glass that requires hundreds of years to achieve. It has degraded significantly, and reflects very little light. The ‘Fossil’ collection features larger distressed movement and aged areas. These can also be tinted with metallic pigment such as Bronze, Gold or Silver. In addition, the glass itself can be tinted, with various color choices including vibrant blues, greens and smoked tones. The right amount of foxing applied the back of the mirror will then be neutralized to stop further aging, and it will then be sealed and finished with safety foil.
L' Atelier MB is committed in the manufacturing process; we design and curate various sizes and shapes upon request. 


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