We are excited to announce that due to our remarkable growth over these last years, we are expanding our services!
In the last few months, we have been tirelessly working to improve our relationship with your A&D and clientele. After many requests we are delighted to offer Bespoke Interior Design and Artistic Direction services to you.
Weather you are an architect, contractor or designer our designer will help you understand the complex processes and various methods collections offer. Our interior designer will share the expert sensibilities that have remained the success to sublime functional interiors.To embody, in a holistic manner the ergonomics of your spaces, the interrelation between each rooms and areas and the harmony between them, the furniture and all the finishes and colors. A room is to sing, in unison; much like a choir. it is supposed to evoke emotion, love and amplify your essence.
Our designer's background is of European lineage providing this additional layer of deep knowledge of time periods and expert understanding of mediums; such as faux finishes, fabrics, wood essences and stones. All which carry a visual weight to your interior spaces. You now have a one on one consultation service to curate and formulate your entire Interior Design project. You can soon click here to send us a design request, by completing a survey to better understand your project scope. We then will connect you with our Senior Interior Designer for a design consultation.


We listen, ask questions and come together to push ourselves and our clients to deliver unexpected outcomes. We work side by side both as a team and with our clients. We take time to listen, ask questions, and do the research to be prepared to transcribe our client’s stories and visions into realities. We come together as a team to brainstorm, share feedback, and push each other to grow and go beyond.